SPAM Blocking FAQs


What incoming emails do you block?
We block emails from known SPAM sources and open relay mail servers.

How do you block the SPAM emails?

We subscribe to two DNS blacklists (aka Real Time Blacklists) to block incoming email from known spam sources. The lists we subscribe to were selected because of their listing criteria and responsible removal processes. We currently use the following list :


Will legitimate emails be blocked?

Should a legitimate email be blocked, they will receive a bounced email, so the sender will know that the email did not reach its intended destination. If the sender does not receive a bounced email, then this is due to some other cause other than the SPAM blocker.

No SPAM filtering technology can guarantee that legitimate emails will not be filtered.


Can you remove the SPAM blocking for my domain?

No, the SPAM blocking is a system wide setting and cannot be disabled on a per domain basis. We will not remove the filter because over 99% of our customers are happy with the SPAM blocking feature.

Do you offer Content Filtering (Spam Filter)?

No, at this time, we do not provide content filtering. We have been evaluating many solutions and have not found one that meets our criteria. Many of them will filter legitamate emails, or Spammers have figured out a way around them, or are not cost-effective. We continue to evaluate solutions

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