How to Register a Domain in Alps Host?

Domain name is a unique name for your site, which people use it to find your site through the web. Whenever domain name is registered for your site no one else can register it any more unless it becomes available meanwhile the domain life cycle.

Domain Registration Method in Alps Host:

1- Go to Alps Host Portal through the link
- In our sign up home write the desired domain name with the related TLD (.com, .net, ...) {You can check the supporting domains TLDs in Alps Host through the link} in order to check the availability of the desired domain.
3- Login to client area
4- from the menu bar in the right side of the panel click on Domains and then click on Register a new domain and proceed the required steps
5- If you want to order a new service from us click on continue shopping to go to the next step of choosing the desired service else click on Checkout button.
6- A predefined invoice will be shown to you. Choose the payment method and click on Complete Order button. In this step an invoice is generated and you are supposed to complete the payment as soon as possible to register your domain by Alps Host and give a control panel to manage your domain and set your domain's Name Servers.

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