How to set up email with Outlook 2002?

Follow the steps below to set up Outlook 2002 to retrieve email from our mail server.

From the top menu, click on \"Tools\", Select \"E-mail Accounts...\" This will bring up the Outlook wizard.
Select \"Add a new e-mail account\"
For Server Type, select the POP3 radio button, click \"Next\"
For Internet E-mail Settings (POP3), enter the following information:
User Information
For Your Name, enter the name you want to appear in outgoing emails
For Email Address, enter your full email address (e.g.,
Server Information
For incoming and outgoing mail server names, use for both text boxes
Logon Information
For User Name, enter your full email address (e.g.,
For Password, enter your email account password
Click on \"More Setting\"
Click On \"Outgoing Server\" Tab
Check the \" My outgoing server(SMTP) requires authentication\"
Click \"OK\"
Click \"Finish\"

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