How can I create Email account In SolidCP?

1-   Login to SolidCP. SolidCP is located at this address.

2-   Scroll down to reach the POP/IMAP EMAIL section and click on Accounts.

3-   Click on Create Mail Account on the top right corner of the page.

4-   On the new page in the E-mail Address field enter your desired username and in front of the field choose your desired domain.

5-   Enter a password by hand or click on Generate Password to tell SolidCP to create a password for you.

6-   In the Mailbox Size Limit field enter your desired capacity for the given email account.

7-   The Check to Enable Account is checked by default. If you uncheck this section, the Email account you create will not be accessible.

8-   If you check the box for Check to Set Account as Domain Administrator, you will have administrator access with this account and can manage and oversee your mail domain using webmail (Smartermail).

9-   You can enter your first name and last name in the given fields.

10-  If you enter an email account in the Reply to Address section, replies to your email will be sent to that address. You can leave this section empty if you desire to send and receive mail from this same account.

11-  In the Signature section you can enter a piece of text like company name or you name and position. This text will be added to the end of every email you send.

12-  In the Auto-responder section, if you check the box for Enable Auto-responder, you can send an automatic email to let people know you’ve received their message. You can add a subject for the message and a text as the content for the auto response.

13-  In the Mail Forwarding section, you can add an email account so every time you receive an email, one copy of that email will be forwarded to the email account you provided. If you check the box for Delete Message on Forward, the email you received will be deleted from the servers after being forwarded.

Note: If you create a password by hand, your password should be in the format explained bellow:

1.At least one uppercase alphabetic letter.
2.At least one lowercase  alphabetic letter.
3.At least one number.
4.At least on symbol such as (@,#,$,%, . . .)
5.The password length should be at least 8 characters.

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