How to order a Dedicated Server

Through the link guide below you can order new services:

In order to submit an order for dedicated server go through the steps below:

1- Click on the dedicated servers button from the service drop down list, and then click on the "Order Now" button under your desired dedicated server type.
2- In the next page you are supposed to enter your domain name and choose what to do with your domain. (Register a new domain/ Transfer your domain to AlpsHost/ Updating your name servers on an existing domain to point to AlpsHost DNS servers)
3- In the next page, choose your desired dedicated server with basic configuration for each server and click on "Order Now" button
 Note: The configuration for each dedicated server is customizable by you in the next steps of ordering process.
4- In the next page you have to set your domain name servers which you can learn more about through the link below:

after that you can choose different configurations for the selected server such as: Ram Upgrade, Primary HDD, Monthly Bandwidth, etc... . Also you can have an OS on your server.
5- Click the button "Add to Cart"
6- An invoice would be generated for you.

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