How to order New Services

You are able to order new services from your client home page through the following steps:

1- Login to your client home in AlpsHost portal.
Note: You can learn about how to create account in AlpsHost portal from the link below:

2- From the box on the right side of the client home page click on the "+" sign near the "Services" drop down list.
3- Click on "Order" button.
4- In the page shown, click on the "Brows Products & Services" drop down list (You can choose any service you desire from this list)
5- In the next page you are supposed to indicate your domain situation whether you have a registered domain and want to change your names servers OR want to register a new domain name.
6- In the next page you can choose your billing Cycle (monthly, quarterly, semi annually, annually, biannually or triennially) 
 For the billing cycles more than one month there exists a discount amount.
7- Click on "Add to Cart" button.
8- An invoice is generated for you in this step.

As soon as you complete your payment, the process of creating your desired shared hosting plan begins.

You can see your services in your client right side dropdown list: Services>My Services

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