How to Transfer Domain to Alps Host?

For the first step of transferring your domain you should check the period domain registration and the last domain renewal that must be minimum 60 days.
1- Unlock and Unshield your domain (it is done by contacting your source registrar and want them to make it unlock and unshield.)
2- Get your domain EPP code from the source registrar
3- Login to your client area through the link
4- Click on Domains from the bar on the right side of your client area and then click on Transfer Domain to Us
5- Proceed the steps and enter the required EPP code 
6- An invoice will be generated for the related transferred domain renewal for one extra year (transfer procedure is fee free and the related generated invoice is for 1 year renewal of transferred domain)
7- Complete the payment and the considered domain will be on our panel and we give you Domain control panel access to manage your domain and renew it from this panel.

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