How to enable Joomla SEF

1.go to your file manager on websitepanel or Helm control panel(based on your hosting space plan,2003 or 2008)and rename the default hosting’s  web.config file to another optional name then rename “web.config.txt” file(default web.config of joomla) to “web.config”

2. Open file named “configuration.php” on your file manager, search for sef, then make sure that both “public $sef “ and “public $sef_rewrite”  values are 1 like below:


Public $sef = '1';

Public $sef_rewrite = '1';


3. The last step is to make “index.php” as your default document by going to website properties on control panel:


On websitepanel:

1)    Click Web Sites under Web

2)    Select the domain or sub-domain whose default file you want to change

3)    Enter “index.php” which you want to load first into the Default Documents box. The file names are listed in order of most importance. To set the file as most important, put it first on the list.

4)    Click Update


On Helm:

1) Login to Helm control panel

2) Select the domain you wish to modify.

3) Go to Website Settings.

4) Under section “Default Doc”, enter the name of your document that you wish to set up as a default document with the required priority (index.php).

5) Click on Save to enter setup.

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