How Can I User Gmail as my webmail client and/or SPAM filter?

Gmail has a very popular webmail interface -- and a well-respected SPAM filter.  You can put these to use with your own domain name and email address.   It just takes a few of steps to get it set up.

1 - Setup a Gmail account

You may already have one.  Or you can setup a new account.

Sign-up for Gmail here:

2 - Login to your Gmail accounts

3 - Get email to Gmail with Gmail Fetcher

This is a little more complicated to setup, but provides a viable option if it is not possible to setup a forwarder on your account (e.g. Alps Host hosting).  [You'll need to know your login information, including server address]

See also:

If you also want to be able to access your email through clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, or Thunderbird, then be sure you set "Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server."  Similarly, on your Outlook, Outlook Express, or Thunderbird installation, you should also select Leave a copy of the message on the server and Remove message after 5 days.

Note: Not all email providers offer POP3 access.  For instance, Juno does not allow POP3 access, unless you subscribe to their paid services.

4 - Setup Gmail to "send as" your email

Go into your Gmail account and setup a "send mail as" identity.

Click on Settings

Click on Accounts

Under Send mail as, click on Add another email address

Enter your name and email address in the popup window

Click Next Step

Click Verify

Wait for Gmail to send your verification link and code.  If you set up the forwarder in Step 2, then this information will arrive in your Gmail account.

Click on the verification link in the verification email, which will activate your new send from address

If you want Gmail to always use your other email address to send mail, then set it as the default address.  And under When I receive a message sent to one of my addresses: mark Always reply from my default address.


If you want to have Gmail use different addresses depending on the email, then mark the settings accordingly.

Every time you compose new mail, you will be presented a drop-down box from which you can choose among the addresses your email will be using as “sender.”

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