I want to use a domain I already own, but do I have to transfer my domain name to you?

If you already own a domain name and you wish to use that domain name with a hosting account on our service, you will use the Domain Transfer option in our signup form. You will update your domain\'s name servers to point to our DNS.

We are not a domain registrar so you would not transfer the relationship with your current domain registrar to us. That means that you will continue your relationship with your current domain registrar and pay them for your domain renewals.

The terminology of \"Domain Transfer\" may be a bit confusing. In the past, there was only one Domain Registrar, Network Solutions. In those days, when you transferred hosting companies, it was called \"transferring a domain.\" Now, even though the Domain registration business is open to competition, the terminology has not been updated. So typically, \"Domain Transfer\" means transferring hosting companies and \"Domain Registrar Transfer\" means transferring Domain Registrars.

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