Can you provide me with some OleDB connection string examples?

MS Access (Jet)

\"PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;DATA Source=[Path to database];User ID=Admin;Password=dbpassword\"


If you\'ve uploaded your MDB file in DB folder, you need to use physical path like d:\\\\domains\\\\\\\\db\\\\yourdb.mdb
You can use Server.Mappath function to identify Path to your database.  For example, if the DB file is in the /database directory under your web root, you would use server.mappath(\"/database/test.mdb\").  As an alternative, you can also insert the full path.  You can find the path in the Account Information section in your control panel.
You can omit the User Id & Password attributes, if your Access Database is not password protected.

\"Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=[];Initial Catalog=[DatabaseName];User Id=[SQL Login];Password=[SQL Password]\"


For ASP.NET applications, you should consider using the .NET native SQL data provider rather than using Ole.

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