May 29th International No- Tobacco No- Smoking Day!

"Ash trays with fresh flowers are a common symbol of World No Tobacco Day"  The harmful effects of smoke is apparent to all of us. Active and passive smokers of all types of tobacco consumption are faced with diseases and cancers related to smoke sniffing. Let’s ask a question from ourselves that human short life does deserve to be ... Read More »

May 10th International Telecommunication Day (WTD)

Communication is the vital part of humanity, which is getting faster, broader and easier through technological devices and methods mainly Internet. WTD and international Society Day is appreciated every year on the May 17th to remind communication importance and motivate people to improve their connection all around the world. 

May 7th Happy Mother's Day!

Mother is a beautiful angel with invisible wings. She is a precious gift from God granted to us. She is the source of pure love, compassion, intimacy and all the prettiest emotions in the world.

Thank you for always being there, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

May 3rd Happy World Midwife Day

Birth is the most miraculous advent a midwife experiences and accompanies. She has got a vital role in a woman and her child health during her pregnancy and breeding.

The ICM, appreciates this day every year on the May 5th, to recall these care givers life- saving work vitality and importance.